Tuesday, 6 November 2018


This week we focused on the Environment and what we can do to help protect it. We learnt about the 3 magic R's and why it is important to look after our Planet. We also learnt about upcycling and loved using the recycling that was brought in to create with. We talked about how keeping the planet tidy and healthy is a job for everyone and had a lot of friends who took it upon themselves to try and tidy our school. 

Leon and his telescope!

Jackson and Mack working hard on labeling their tree

Kieran's monster that would eat rubbish!

Maddy created a person out of her recycling!

Thank you to everyone who brought in some recycling for us to use!

Mason and David working on their leaf blower

Working together to create a Fairy House that had never ending ice-cream!


This week we revisited Construction Explore and worked hard on showing our creativity. We tried to add more detail to our plans and thought about what material we would use to construct our creations. Check out some of our awesome constructions!

Big congratulations to Mason who was the first person to earn his Creativity badge for his lanyard!


We have been exploring the world this week, learning about a few different Countries. We got to explore the world visiting some famous monuments on Google Maps and even had some experts share their knowledge with us. As we had new friends who just started with us we tried hard to include and help others.

Bede created the Russian flag out of Lego!

Jack showed a lot of perseverance when making his dragon! 

Grayson and Cooper worked together to make the Great Wall of China!

Vanessa and Kyla decided to put on a show using their dragon puppets!

Maelee worked hard on drawing her flag as well as doing a fantastic job at sharing her knowledge of China with us!

Big thank you to all the whanau who helped their children put their name on our flag wall!

Friday, 28 September 2018

Wild Animals

Roar!!!  We had a roaring good time learning all about WILD ANIMALS this week!  Some of the interesting things we found out were:  Snakes smell with their tongues, Animals camouflage themselves to hide from predators and so they can prey on other animals without being seen, Wild animals live in different environments, animals enclosures in zoo need to be built to suit their natural environment... We were also working on INCLUDING OTHERS, there was lots of great examples of this happening during the week!

Geordie and Eden worked well together to complete the geometry snake, they were a great team!

 Mia used repeating patterns to decorate her slithery snake!

 Junior and Keiran were careful to design enclosures and separate the animals appropriately!

 Joel has thought carefully about what a giraffe looks like and made this great design with mobilo!

 Ruby and Estela made great lions!

 Lucas and I checked on Google to find out how many legs a scorpian had, he then added 6 legs and 2 claws at the front.  Great research Lucas!
Maelee thought very carefully about how her giraffe could have 4 legs (instead of the original 2 legs she showed me first), very clever thinking Maelee!!

Imagination Explore

What a fabulous week we had using our IMAGINATION!!!  We were lucky enough to have a new building set given to us by Miss Bradshaw plus a whole lot of other equipment to use our imagination with.  We were also practicing being CREATIVE and COOPERATING with others.
Check out some of the photos below of how imaginative we are...

 A house built by Angus, Luke and Kruz

 Mason, Tryton and Jayden pretending to be caterpillars hatching!

 An imaginary story written by Michaela:  
Me, I like being a pyramid. Also I like how I can be so still.

Mmmm! Delicious lollipops made by Mele

 Using our new building materials:  Alyssa and Vanessa in a boat and Madison making a hut!

Asha cleverly made a magnifying glass using the LEGO!

 Bede in his super fast car!

 Dogs playing in their dog kennels!

A hut made by Amelia and Mia and playing 'shops' with Beau and Ava! 

 Sophia made a phone with a game on it and Ryan made a picture frame for moving pictures!

 David and Siamion worked cooperatively to make a huge LEGO house!

Ava and Madison made relaxing seats for watching their TV on!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Wheels Explore

This week was all about WHEELS!!  We have learned that wheels were invented for two main reasons: To get us places quicker and to help us lift heavy loads.  We also found out that wheels have an axle through the middle of them to help them turn around.
This week we were working hard to:  Look after equipment and clean up after ourselves!!

 Ruby made her wheel have an axle by putting a pipe through the middle.  
Sophia, Isalei and Ella made a car that they could drive to the park.

 Bede drew a plan of a train on the tracks and then made his train, after a chat he added a long length of track for the track to go along.

Sophia used the big construction vehicles to transport the 
little ones so they didn't get stuck in the mud!

 Alyssa and Vanessa cleverly made their vehicles have wheels on both sides so they would balance without being held.  Great thinking girls!!

 Mason made a town around his roads.  He added houses and then decided the town also needed: a hospital, supermarket, shops and a petrol station.

 Cassiaus pushed himself along on FOUR scooter boards!!

 What a team effort to build this vehicle with lots of wheels and places for people to sit!!

 Two very creative vehicles with wheels... Jed made sure the swimming pool he had added to his vehicle so it could be pulled along behind and Deakin added a driver and steering wheel to his vehicle and well as spokes!